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The Govroam community

The Govroam community is developing as follows (last updated 18th January 2019): Organisations where Govroam is live (3,244 Govroam venues logged so far): Royal Brompton and Harefield NHS Foundation Trust (3 sites) Kent PSN (312 sites so far including health, council and blue light organisations): Kent County Council; Medway Council; Canterbury City Council; Borough Councils … Read more

Govroam, the NHS, and WiFi

Submitted on behalf of Marcus Baw Hi, I’m Marcus Baw and I’m a locum (freelance) GP and Emergency Physician in the North West of England. I’m also a health tech specialist, and a programmer. Being a locum means I work in a number of different NHS settings, which makes for very varied day-to-day work. It … Read more