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Govroam and the GDPR

Many, perhaps most, wifi access services across the public sector require some sort of authentication of people who use them. Since authentication involves some processing of personal data, it’s worth reviewing how different ways of doing that might be affected (or not) by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) when it comes into force in … Read more

Govroam, the NHS, and WiFi

Submitted on behalf of Marcus Baw Hi, I’m Marcus Baw and I’m a locum (freelance) GP and Emergency Physician in the North West of England. I’m also a health tech specialist, and a programmer. Being a locum means I work in a number of different NHS settings, which makes for very varied day-to-day work. It … Read more

Chasing govroam

I’ve been working on various infrastructure projects for education for more than twenty years now, but the one constant through that time has been wireless technologies. In particular, I was part of the initial group of three that brought the eduroam idea (then called Location Independent Networking) to life in the UK, working with UKERNA. … Read more